Trust is hard to get… Easy to lose! (or is it?)

This week… Wow it’s been a crazy one! With the arrival of the third amigo, a few midweek parties, the arrival of a new baby brayolit, girls Shabbat gone wild, and then lazy Sunday! All this, in your average week of TA. Although it has been fun… There have been a few bumps in the road this week… but u learn from them.
1. Trust is easy to get (well from me, because I will most likely believe everything u say, until I realise its not true… Very stupid I realise… now) but if you lose it… Who knows whether you will get it back?!
2. Never leave without saying how u feel.
3. Always invite more… Then you will never be rushed/underestimate food… Although I love it… Not sure about the hour panic :s
4. Always be true to yourself and never do anything that doesn’t feel right.

One thing I’m really trying to get my head around, whilst living in TA is to be blunt- say it how it is… Ask how it is. It’s hard to do, because of my British politeness but if you want to get around here… You have to be blunt and straight to the point… So this week… I will try it out!
Will keep you posted, but thats all for now!
FS xoxo


Going a little deeper…

So, something today got me thinking of something, that i dont understand…. wow that sounds very vague doesn’t it! I don’t understand why people say one thing and do another, with no explanation of why? It bothers me! Surely people would only want to know the truth, no matter how much it hurts, if it’s going to hurt (surely this is the worst case scenario)! At least, you can deal with it, and know about it, and move on.

Do to others, as you would want done to you. It’s simple. If everyone lived by this, surely the world would be better. Don’t bullsh*t. Be True.If you’re true to yourself then others around you…well it doesn’t matter.

I was once told by someone, that some of the things i say are very naive and a bit airy fair, but i stick by it….

More later,

FS xoxo

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