Where have all the good men gone?

Please stop reading here, if you are easily offended. This post is a very personal post, and you may not agree with what i have to say (especially if you’re male, but if you are and disagree with what i have to say…then please tell me)

So in the last month I have had some interesting experiences with a few males, I have come to a few conclusions about the male specie.

My first thought is that women have evolved…we’ve become very independent, intelligent and we know what we want (whether it be casual or serious). We’re no longer the stereotypical women, who is easily pleased with just dinner, for a date. We want more we want men to be creative, think outside of the box. I think because we have evolved faster…men haven’t caught up yet…seriously. We have lowered our expectations for men, but as soon as they start talking and telling us stuff (that we want to hear!) woooommppphhh the expectation bar raises. We want more. We want to be adored. I have always said honesty is the one thing i want from a man, but i think im going to change that to respect first- then honesty, because i don’t think a man can be completely honest…not in the initial dating period. This is where men and women differ. We are able to be honest straight up- men…i’m not so sure unless it’s to get you into bed!

My second experience that got me thinking, was recently in a club. I personally would never go up to a guy i liked…NEVER. I believe if a guy wants you…he will pick up the balls and go and talk to you…regardless whether your with your friends. So, guys you always get brownie points if you can pick up the courage to come over and speak to a girl… it’s not easy (a lot of rejection at stake!) BUT once you succeed at that point… don’t blow it.

Experience from Friday night

1. GUY asks me to dance (ok this is slightly weird because i was already dancing…but ok, your cute…and you’ve managed to come over to me when i’m with my friends…bonus points)

2. GUY: “you have beautiful eyes.” ok this is a compliment… very nice…but very standard! I have nice eyes. I never know how to come back to that… (maybe it’s just me!) But this for me is like a warming up tool- give the girl a compliment (one that i hear a lot…but realistically its a bit lame…)

*so i kiss this guy- not sure why, i think it was because we were dancing awkwardly and i thought it was something to do- my mistake!*

3. GUY: yes he actually said this… “I think my lips like yours” WOW terrible line… also extremely cheesy.. what the hell?

then to finish off the night..

4. GUY: “Want to get out of here?” NO NO NO- i made up some lame answer and left.

Now this sounds very much like i’m looking for a serious commitment…so not just going back to his- as i’m sure it would be great…but even  if it was going to be something casual…be a little more respectful…you haven’t spoken to me? You know nothing…and to be honest im not that attracted to you.

So what do women want…

respect, honesty and for you to be a man. By that I mean, make decisions be powerful, be masculine…but at the same time be respectful to your girl. She wants to  know you like her…

So guys, if your reading this and disagree with my “women have evolved faster than men” theory…and terrible chat up line- that you think are going to work…please feel free to comment…also women if you have any thoughts please feel free to share!!!

Something to leave you with….

Holding out for a hero?

That’s all for now,

FS xoxo


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