As time goes by, you live more

It’s been too long. I can make up excuses. I won’t. I’ve just spent the last 10 minutes reading back what I wrote back in January. It is now July. I always knew this was going to happen, it’s very me to start something then shift priorities. This is important to me, and I should make the time (plus i enjoy writing- believe it or not.)

In the last few days I have decided to write a book- well no more of a memoir. I have had an extremely eventful last 6 months, and if I were to have an out of body experience and look at my life- i would say wow. Have I learned anything new…as always.

From my previous entries I stick with what I say about friendship, but sometimes you do things (and know they are not good for you) but still do them anyway- maybe it’s the thrill. It wasn’t until one person pointed it out to me, that as soon as i didn’t want something, I wanted it more. I know this happens too often in life (eg going on a diet) but how do you stop that- I have the answers…Just don’t do it!!! So i’ve learnt- and wow so glad I stopped! (thanks)

I have met some incredibly interesting people in the last 6 months. Characters i never thought existed and ones that I’m still trying to work out if they are real of fictional! Will keep you updated if I figure it out. The rate i’m going…i’ll never find out!

With the girls back at home supporting my memoir, I will continue to make my field notes every day building up only true and real notes of the adventures and experiences that I come across. Choosing only the best parts to share in this blog.

So for now you should know i’m thinking in colour, explanations will come at a later date.

I’m still in love, in fact more than I was 6 months ago.

Until the next time…




First ever blog, first ever post

Welcome (to anyone that reads this, other than myself!)

It has never ever crossed my mind to write a personal blog until two days ago. After reading “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” it dawned on me that if I am going to take my role as a marketing co-ordinator for a start-up company seriously, I should at least have a personal blog. I have seen many blogs in the past, and there doesn’t appear to be any etiquette about how much to share or how little. So for a personal blog, the only way i can see it,would be like journal in which is available for all to see. Hopefully, within life (or my life) interesting things should appear, heated discussions, new experiences to share with all. I don’t think this will be too difficult, seeing as i have just moved to an entirely new country, started a band new job and currently homeless (living between two amazing friends).

So this is an introduction to the life of me, FionaSarah. Enjoy the journey that you are about to take with me, as I’m almost certain there wont be a dull moment, a dry eye and a friendship that wont be formed.

Until the next post,

FS xx

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