Going a little deeper…

So, something today got me thinking of something, that i dont understand…. wow that sounds very vague doesn’t it! I don’t understand why people say one thing and do another, with no explanation of why? It bothers me! Surely people would only want to know the truth, no matter how much it hurts, if it’s going to hurt (surely this is the worst case scenario)! At least, you can deal with it, and know about it, and move on.

Do to others, as you would want done to you. It’s simple. If everyone lived by this, surely the world would be better. Don’t bullsh*t. Be True.If you’re true to yourself then others around you…well it doesn’t matter.

I was once told by someone, that some of the things i say are very naive and a bit airy fair, but i stick by it….

More later,

FS xoxo


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